Configuration options for updating windows xp

Well, on that note, XP is really NT 5.1, a version number that should conjure up images of a relatively minor upgrade. This is because, at its heart, XP is simply Windows 2000 with a new task-based user interface, improved application and hardware compatibility, and other small features.

During the development of Windows 2000, Microsoft did all the hard work of making the NT 4.0 upgrade as seamless as possible, and this work is carried over for XP.

Don’t follow these instructions unless you’re sure you’re ready for Windows 7.

Windows XP is, unlike the 9x/Me upgrade, guaranteed to be relatively painless for most users.

By Andy Rathbone Upgrading from Windows XP to Windows 7 can be a chore.

As you probably know, Windows 2000 was to have been called Windows NT 5.0 before the marketing droids at Microsoft got a hold of it.The first time that XP boots, you are presented with the Out of Box Experience (OOBE), which lets you connect to the Internet, activate Windows, and optionally register Windows.When this is complete, you are presented with your XP desktop.When the Setup wizard begins, it will prompt you to choose between an upgrade and a clean install.An upgrade will take your existing operating system and upgrade it to Windows XP, and this is the option we will select here.

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